Build A Profitable Business With IKOBANA As A Courier Service Center

With minimal capital, low overhead costs, as well as well -known brands.

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Many people want to do business. But more than 80% of business owners lost in the second year.

Why is it like that? These are one of the reasons.

If you want to start a profitable business, there must be things that play in your mind. All sorts of ideas come out, but there are also many advantages and disadvantages. Dizziness to make a decision. Not necessarily so that’s not even worth thinking about.

If you want to open a business, you have to spend a lot of capital. It is not good to start a business with a loan. If you want to open a restaurant, you can spend RM 50 thousand. Risk!

Never do business, if there is, it does not profitable. Many out there withdraw their savings after years of work, open a cafe, when the hipster cafe trend is over. Lose hundreds of thousands for a beautiful shop! Sad.

Due to the new beginning, many people do it without a system. Understand that you have to do everything yourself. Many of the mistakes they make come at a cost. With a good system should be able to reduce losses due to errors.

It’s sad, just doing business, trying. There is no mentor who can provide guidance. That there are many people who are discouraged is. Many around are not for business. So when I listen to the advice of people who don’t do business, it’s not very constructive because their mindsets are different.

In this digital age, wanting to do business is not just selling je. Businesses must have marketing that will help raise as many people as possible who like our products/services. Sales pulak to make sure there are sales happening. If not, the business is not profitable! This is the most important and challenging you know!

We understand your worries and concerns.

No need to look anymore, IKOBANA is here!

Now there are only 100 38 vacancies only for those who want to participate in becoming IKOBANA entrepreneurs!

Your job? As easy as the following these 4 steps.

List your premise as one of the IKOBANA outlets

Receive orders from customers

Pack (if necessary) and the courier will pickup at your outlet location

You are paid according to the number of orders processed

Courier service sales are also available, regular customers are also available!
While shipping, you can attract more customers with our eCommerce Hub service.
What is the eCommerce Hub service?


Customers can place sales stock at the outlet and you arrange delivery faster. No need to wait for customers to drop goods, send directly when the order arrives! Customers are satisfied, you are satisfied.

Cross-Border Business

Many online merchants want to expand their sales overseas. But, many are also afraid and do not know the way. IKOBANA eCommerce Hub provides training to customers on how to market goods abroad.

Commission Opportunities

Make a profit without working! Yes, customers can help you increase sales through the Affiliate System. Every time they “refer” iShop or IKOBANA360, they will get a commission. All at once, add your customers!

Minimum capital to start doing business with Ikobana. You can choose from 3 IKOBANA entrepreneur packages, namely iMobile, i-Shop or i-Shop+

There is no need for a big store with high rents and monthly bills. Ordinary shop lots are enough, you can even start just by using your own motorcycle or van.

It doesn’t take many employees to get started. You can start your own and add employees to help you manage the packaging from time to time according to the volume we provide for you.

Ikobana has been systematized for busy businessmen who want courier and delivery services. Our system connects this sunrise business opportunity with you.

We provide the best guidance to Ikobana Business Partners to start from one to can add many staff in this courier business. After progress, we plan to open more branches. No premise? Talk to us about how we can help you.

You as an Ikobana entrepreneur will be listed on the HQ website, Social Channel HQ (FB & IG) and Google My Business HQ. Ikobana posters and social media posts can also be reused. No need to design your own.

Forget unsystematic business ideas, high capital or mediocre products.