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2 Mar, 2022

Hello, entrepreneurs! Just wondering, you’ve ever heard of IKOBANA? Haaa… If you know, that’s good! But, if you’ve never heard of the name, no worries. Let me walk you through a bit about IKOBANA.

What Does IKOBANA Stand For?

Ikobana means ‘Here’s the Place’ in Minangkabau. Haaa… Interesting, right? From the name alone, we know that we are unique and memorable. With that in mind, we complete ourselves with the most complete yet customer-friendly services tailored to what’s needed in the market and what’s in it for the future.

What’s offered in IKOBANA?

  1. Over 10 Best Courier Options
  2. Domestic & Overseas Shipping
  3. Accurate & Worthwhile Service Charges
  4. Guarantee Safe Package to the Recipient
  5. Not a promise, but a Basis for all.

It can be said that IKOBANA is a hub that offers all kinds of services under one roof, not just the delivery of goods and postage of goods. In fact, we have other hot-selling products, such as business training classes that teach new entrepreneurs how to ‘kickstart’ their own business. We also provide other essential services such as renewing road tax, paying phone and electricity bills, and so on!

IKOBANA, made suited for Online Businesses!

Believe it or not, over 70% of our customers are loyal and repeat customers, plus a large number of those numbers are online business owners!

It means that most of our customers no longer want to go elsewhere after dealing business with IKOBANA. “Excellent service, easy to deal with, cheaper than others, and item guaranteed safety,” as they said. That’s right, we at IKOBANA offer a much better and more efficient service! Rarely do our customers complain.

Ikobana Is Also Active On Social Media

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