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Not enough hands to order & pack things?

You’re getting more and more sales everyday, but at the same time you feel really tired with not enough manpower to help you. Have you ever felt like this? You’re afraid to speed things up. The risk of delivering the wrong product can end up with the customer gives a bad testimonial.

Business is now all online, customers can make purchases at any time. If you’re still doing it yourself or your team is still small, there must be a lot of time wasted on ordering and commuting the goods to customers.

Where to store & manage stock without having to waste money with a warehouse that’s too big?

Many entrepreneurs are looking for a place to store and manage stocks. You don’t really want the big industrial warehouse, as it’ll be too much to waste on the rent. All you need is a micro fulfillment centre that’s just enough for your growing business.

But where to find it in Malaysia? Most in the market are big warehouses for large companies. The small ones meanwhile are too far away and can only keep stocks, not handle it. That won’t solve your problems.

No more headaches,
Ikobana i-Stor is here…

We understand your problem, and our solution is exactly what you’re looking for! We save you time, energy and reduce costs all at once!

Introducing i-Stor; the only micro fulfillment services in Malaysia that is purposely built to help small businesses & SMEs improve their stock management efficiency. From order processing, stock storage, freight packaging to courier delivery, i-Stor will take care of everything for you!

All you have to do is keep the stock in our warehouse and goyang kaki! With i-Stor, you can focus on increasing your sales and we’ll handle the rest. The moment you get your orders, we’ll set everything up. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here’s how i-Stor can help your business

Upgrade your order management & stock processing system in 3 simple steps.


Rent inventory space at IKOBANA warehouse with no minimum duration and your goods shall be ready to receive orders from customers.


Once the order comes in, we will select the item, label it together with its tracking number and pack it into the box securely.


Couriers will then take your items & deliver it to your customer in a timely manner without delay. Save time, energy and costs all at once!

Access support from over 10 reputable courier companies, all in one system.

With i-Store, your order fulfillment process becomes faster and easier. Among the courier companies that are with us:

Are you an entrepreneur with a growing business? Get i-Stor fulfillment services now!

Don’t be stuck in stock handling, you need to focus on increasing your sales. You do need to take care of everything yourself. It’s time for you to leverage our time & energy through i-Stor fulfillment services. Let’s be a partner and grow together!